Attendance Matters

One of the greatest indicators to success in school is attendance. Your child’s attendance at school is vitally important to guarantee their exposure to the content, classroom activities, and discussions that take place in the classroom. Research indicates that students who miss 10% of a school term (semester or trimester) struggle academically and gaps in content knowledge grow in proportion with the amount of class time missed. In fact, students who miss 10 days or more at the high school may lose credit because of excessive absenteeism. The faculty and staff of Havre Public Schools want students to understand that attendance matters, and missed learning opportunities need to be kept to a minimum.

The district can provide you with a visual reminder to track your child’s attendance with the HPS Attendance Tracker (see your building Principal). Parents are encouraged to use this magnet to track your child’s absences by recording the date and reason for the absence.

Attendance is recorded in Infinite Campus using the following codes (it is recommended that you use the same codes under the “REASON” on the HPS Attendance Tracker)

AB: Excused Absence (including sick days)

EX: School Activity

MD: Medical Absence (consecutive absences longer than 3 days)

OS: Out of School Suspension

UX: Unexcused Absence


The HPS Attendance Tracker is color coded to signal the severity of multiple absences. As absences accumulate, and students move closer to the “red” zone, be aware that it is affecting your child’s learning. If you have questions regarding your child’s attendance, do not hesitate to contact the building Principal at the numbers below.


                        Robins Administrative Center: 395-8550

                        Havre High School:395-8551

                        Havre Middle School:395-8552

                        Sunnyside Intermediate School:395-8553

                        Lincoln McKinley Primary School:395-8554

                        Highland Park Early Primary School:395-8555



Mr. Craig Mueller

Havre Public Schools Assistant Superintendent