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School Health Reminders

 Here are a few important HEALTH reminders

·        All students are required to have an updated immunization record on file in order to attend school.  Immunizations requirements include measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, pertussis, polio, and the chicken pox vaccine.  In addition to these vaccines, school age children should have had the Hepatitis B series completed, although it is not a requirement.

·        Annual school health screenings for vision, hearing, and dental will be performed throughout the school year.  Vision will be performed on all 5th graders, hearing will be done on all K, 1st and 9th graders, and dental will be on all students K-12.  A permission slip was in your child’s enrollment packet for these screenings. If you do not remember filling this form out please call your child’s school office. If your child does not fall within the screening that you wish to be done on your child please call me and I will make arrangements to have your child screened.

·        If your child has asthma, allergies, or any other health concern please let your child’s teacher and the school nurse know.  Monitor all symptoms closely and follow your health care provider’s advice.  Asthma care plans, rescue inhalers, and Epi pens are a necessity, and may save a life!  Remember there is a program in our area called The Montana Asthma Project to help educate families and students about their asthma, please call the school nurse for more information.

·        If your student has a health condition or needs special care during the school day such as medication, treatments, or monitoring, please inform the school nurse. Individual health care plans help keep your students safe and healthy.

·        PLEASE have a current and working phone number in the school office, in the event your child needs your attention.  If your number or address change throughout the year please notify us ASAP.  We find ourselves not being able to get a hold of parents on a daily basis because numbers do not work.

Feel free to call me if you need assistance with any of the above.

Jeri Erickson, Havre Public Schools Nurse

406-390-2210 or