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Head Lice Procedure



Whenever a case of head lice is reported to the school or discovered by school personnel, the school nurse or other trained personnel; will examine the student (s) involved. Findings will be reported to the respective guardian, and the infested student will be sent home for appropriate treatment.

When it is determined that a student has live head lice, the student will be excluded from school, school programs, and activities. The student will be sent home with a head lice packet.  Which includes an informative letter to guardian regarding head lice, a re-admittance form that must be signed by guardian before re-admittance, and a head lice brochure. The student will be allowed to return to the classroom and school activities after being treated with an effective lice killing treatment. The parent will provide a signed written re-admittance form verifying that the child has been treated.

The school nurse and/or designated individual will check the infested student(s) before re-admittance to the school and/or its activities. The student must be determined to be free of live lice in order to return to the school environment.  The student will then be checked again by the School Nurse in 7-10 days to ensure they have not been re-infested.

When students are repeatedly infested, i.e., three infestations within one month. The Havre Public School Nurse will arrange a meeting with guardian to figure out how to remedy the infestation. A home visit may be appropriate by the School Nurse to help educate guardians what needs to be done at home to prevent re-infestations.

Guardians need to remember that not only the child needs to be treated for head lice.  The whole family must be checked, and treat all with live lice. The whole house must also be treated (see informative letter).

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Last Modified on April 13, 2022