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506 Form-Detailed Instructions

506 Form
What information is required for the 506 Form:
In order for the 506 Form to be completed in fill, it must contain all of the
following information:
● Name of child and date of birth
● School name and grade
● Name of the Tribe or Band (Reservation name)
● Whether the Tribe is Federally recognized; state recognized; terminated; or an organized
Indian group
● Name of the individual with tribal membership (child or parent or grandparent)
● Proof of membership: Enrollment number (if readily available) OR other evidence
establishing the membership
● Name and address of the organization that maintains updated and accurate membership
data for the Tribe, Band, etc. of Indians. (Reservation name)
● The name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the child
● Signature of the parent or legal guardian of the child
● Date the ED 506 Form was completed and email address
If the student's tribal membership enrollment number is not readily available, what other
document(s) is accepted?
The criteria varies from Tribe to Tribe. Each tribe determines whether an individual is eligible for
membership and maintains its own enrollment records and records about past members. To
obtain information about tribal enrollment documentation, you must contact the Tribe. A list of
Tribal enrollment offices are available on our website.