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Havre, It's the People

“Montana needs young people who can acquire,

analyze, and apply information so as to think

creatively and solve problems."  

Board of Trustees

About Havre

Havre Public Schools is K-12 School district located in the rolling plains of north central Montana and at the foot of the Bears Paw Mountains.  Havre's history is rich with the placement of the ancient 2,000 year old Native American Wahkpa Chu'gn buffalo kill site located in the bad lands of the Milk River north of town.  Six miles southwest of Havre is historic Fort Assiniboine.  The forging of the Great Northern railroad across the Great Plains of our country brought the development of farms and ranches in the early 1900's.  The population of Havre according to the 2010 census is 9,310.

Incorporated in 1893, Havre is the largest city along the Hi-Line and the eighth largest in the state.  It is also the county seat of Hill County.  Today we host a major BNSF railroad hub, Montana State University Northern, and we serve as a major business and medical community for the Hi-Line.   The Milk River runs through the north side of town and the country's largest county park is just south of town in the foothills of the Bears Paw Mountains. 


Havre Public School District is located in Hill County just 50 short miles south from the Canadian border and nearly in the center of the state.  It is easily reached via US Highway 87 north from Great Falls, Montana or traveling east or west on US Highway 2. 

For More Information About Havre

Check out the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce Web Site

Fast Facts:

Our Schools

  • Grades 9 - 12:    Havre High School
  • Grades 6 - 8:      Havre Middle School
  • 3 Elementary Schools
    • Grades 4 - 5:  Sunnyside Intermediate
    • Grades 2 - 3:  Lincoln-McKinley Primary School
    • Grades K - 1:  Highland Park South Early Primary School

Student Population (as of 8/31/2023)

  • Havre High School:    526
  • Havre Middle School:  392
  • Sunnyside Intermediate:  287
  • Lincoln-McKinley Primary School:  297
  • Highland Park Primary Schools: 258