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Elementary Principal

Lincoln McKinley School

**This position closes 5:00 p.m. March 13, 2024 or until filled**

2024-25 School Year

SUMMARY  Develops and administers a quality educational program within the guidelines and standards developed by the Board of Trustees and the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Provides instructional leadership to staff. Responsible for building administration and the safety and welfare of students and staff.                                                                                                          

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES            Other duties may be assigned.

  • Communicates effectively with classified, certified and administrative staff.
  • Supervises staff according to district expectations/guidelines.
  • Communicates effectively with students, parents and the public.
  • Completes formal evaluations of certified and non-certified staff according to district policy/procedure.
  • Provides educational leadership in creating a school environment conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Supervises curricular programs and manages their review, evaluation and improvement.
  • Conducts staff, student and public meetings as needed/required according to district policy and/or practice.
  • Develops and manages the budget, as assigned, for the elementary building.
  • Works with central administration in the assignment of staff within the elementary school building.
  • Completes all required reports according to local, state and federal requirements.
  • Develops, implements and monitors a fair and consistent student discipline system.
  • Prepares and implements teacher, student and parent handbooks.
  • Oversees purchase and distribution of educational supplies and materials
  • Interprets and administers policies, rules and regulations as established by state and local authorities.
  • Supervises and attends school activities, i.e. Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, etc.
  • Provides general supervision of elementary school building and grounds, including maintenance and security.
  • Communicates and coordinates programs with other elementary buildings and Central Administration.
  • Serves on district wide committees as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Serves as building level supervisor of the Special Education program at the building level.
  • Participates in professional development activities as requested by district.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of the position.

QUALIFICATIONS           MT Administrative Endorsement


Apply on-line  Havre Public Schools - Frontline Education   

Submit district on-line Application.

Contact the Personnel Office, Havre Public Schools, Box 7791, Havre, MT  59501
(406) 395-8550      FAX:  (406) 265-8460

03/13/24 at 5 p.m. or until filled