SEMESTER I Exams are this Thursday (1/16) and Friday (1/17)

     Thurs. - Periods 1, 2, Lunch, 5, 6

    Frid. - Periods 3, 4, Lunch, 7, make-up period          School out at 1:40pm    Busses will run: "in-town" at 1:45pm, all routes at 3:15pm

    **Students not required to attend study hall periods, if excused by parent call.

    - Thursday and Friday are "QUIET ZONE" days.  THis means not cell phones or personal electronic devices allowed in classrooms.

    - Exams may not be interrupted.  Students arriving late will remain in the office until the next class period exam and will need to schedule a 

    make up time.

    - Students will not be called out of an exam unless it is an emergency.




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    900 18TH STREET
    PrincipalEdward Norman
    Vice Principal - Pax Haslem
    Counselor - John Ita
    Counselor - Julie Monson
    Principal Secretary - Heidi Kinsella
    Attendance Secretary - Laurie Morse
    Activites Director - Dennis Murphy
    Activities Secretary - Ginger Chagnon 

    Welcome to Havre High School. We are very proud of our students, faculty, staff and our tradition of excellence on the Hi-Line of Montana. Great strides have been taken over the years to make sure that Havre High School is the best it can be, and these strides will continue into the future. As you tour through our web page and develop a snap shot of what and who we are, I hope you too, will feel the "Havre Pride" that all of us at Havre High School feel.

    "20 Notes"

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    Winter Weather Warning

    The holiday seasons bring unpleasant reminders that bad weather and dangerous driving conditions are here.  Because the Havre Public Schools transports the majority of its students to and from school, families are reminded to be alert for weather or other emergency conditions that might alter the transportation schedules and routes.

    The district's transportation director and superintendent decide early in the morning if students can safely reach school in cases of ice, snow, or other conditions.  When a decision is reached, it is relayed to the local radio stations (KOJM, KPQX and KXEI).

    Since our district uses rural buses to transport in-city students, bad weather conditions may alter in-city route schedules a few minutes.  Students should go to the bus stop just 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

    Havre Bus Drivers' Number One Concern is YOUR CHILD!

    Each day the Havre Public School buses log nearly 1,300 miles and deliver 1,000 students to our schools and return them home safely.  Our goal is your child's safe ride!

    Emergency Plans are Important

    Each family should have a plan covering what to do when their children leave late (or not at all) or arrive home early because of an emergency transportation situation.  Where can the child go if help is needed?  Who would care for your child until you arrive?  Is there someone your youngster can call in an emergency situation?  Is your child locked out of the house if he/she misses the bus?


    Morning announcements concerning school closures or late schedules will be reported by the radio stations.  Announcements will begin by 6:00 AM and will be repeated as often as possible.  Schools will be in session and transportation will follow normal schedules and routes unless otherwise announced. 

    *School ClosedAll schools will be closed for one day only.  All meetings, field trips, after-school activities, etc. will be cancelled for the day unless specific exceptions are mentioned.

    *School Open, Limited Bus TransportationSome days only in-city buses may run.

    *School Open, One [or more] Hours LateBuses are delayed and school will begin late, but students will be dismissed at the regular time unless otherwise announced.




     Daily class schedule:
    August - May
     Period 1         8:15-9:09
      Period 2        9:13-10:03

     Period 3      10:07-10:57

     Period 4      11:01-11:57

     Lunch         11:51-12:33

    Period 5       12:37-1:27

    Period 6         1:31-2:21

    Period 7         2:25-3:15

    Students of the Month
    October students:
    Tamara O'Leary
    Saranina Flores

     **NOTICE:    Asbestos NotificationThis is a yearly notification to make you aware that Havre Public School Buildings, excluding Havre Middle School and the new addition of Highland Park School, contain asbestos.  This asbestos is contained and/or is encapsulated and monitored on a regular basis.  If you have questions, please call Jim Donovan, Director of Transportation/Buildings and Grounds, at 395-8556.