• Havre High School Guidance Department ...

    Counselor: John Ita
    Counselor: Julie Monson
    Secretary: Heidi Kinsella 

    Havre High School
    900 Eighteenth Street
    Havre, Montana 59501
    (406) 395-8551
    Fax: (406) 265-3217

    People don't choose their careers;
    they are engulfed by them.
    John Dos Passos (1896-1970), U.S. novelist.

    The Counseling Center’s mission is to serve students. Among the services available are career and educational guidance, counseling regarding personal concerns, referrals to agencies such as Family Services, Job Service, Mental Health, Vocational Rehabilitation and others. Students use the Counseling Center to obtain information about jobs, schools, financial assistance, class schedules, activities and more. Students use the Counseling center because they need help with important decisions. But, whatever the reason, the doors of the Counseling Center are always open to serve the student at Havre High School.