• Havre Middle School 
    Activity Schedules

    Havre Middle School offers a wide variety of extracurricular
    sporting activities. Click the sport schedule on the
    left to view the
    schedule for each sport:

    Middle School Activity Opportunities:

    Fall Sports: 
    Football (7th and 8th Grade)
    Cross Country (6-8th Grade)
    Girls Basketball (7th and 8th Grade)
    Winter Sports: 
    Boys Basketball (7th and 8th Grade)
    Volleyball (7th and 8th Grade)
    Wrestling (6-8th Grade)
    Spring Sports:
    Track & Field (6-8th Grade)
    Golf (6-8th Grade)


    Fees and Participation Requirements:
    • Students must be passing
    • Current Physical
    • Activities Participation Agreement
    • Emergency Information/Parent Agreement
    Activities Director
    Havre Middle School
    If you have any questions, call 395-8552