• Why do you want me to sign a 506 form for my student?

    506 forms are part of the Title VI federal program that ensures the government is providing quality education for Native students as required by Tribal treaties. Every form increases funding for our program and helps all Native students get academic support and cultural programming. These forms are kept confidential within the Indian Education Department and your information will not be shared with outside parties. You only need to fill out this form once if your student(s) stays in the Havre Public School System. It doesn’t hurt to turn it in again if you are not sure about your program enrollment!

    Download it, print, or ask your student's teacher for a copy and send it back to school with them. 

    You can also drop the form off at Robins Administration (425 6th Street Havre) or mail it to:

    Indian Education Department, P.O. Box 7791 Havre, MT 59501.

Last Modified on January 12, 2023