• Business Manager/District Clerk

    Position Purpose
    Under the general Supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, to manage the Business Services functions of the district  including budget and finance, purchasing, transportation, food services, safety and risk management, and related areas.

    $60,000 + DOE

    Essential Functions

    • Supervises the fiscal operations of the school district using standard accounting and bookkeeping principles and procedures in accordance with Board polices, rules and regulations, and applicable laws.
    • Maintains accurate, up-to-date records of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the financial position of the school district in order to ensure that the school district is able to maintain its operations and remain within fiscal year budgets.
    • Assists the Superintendent in preparing annual budget requests for school district operations to maintain and improve educational opportunities and all necessary support and operations.
    • Prepares monthly operating statements, quarterly reports, and other information or documents as requested.
    • Secures an annual audit of the school district's finances.
    • Organizes and maintains a system for accurate and complete record-keeping and reporting for all financial records as required by law.
    • Oversee all school district purchasing, banking activities, payroll and employee benefits programs.
    • Establish, monitor and manage all safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices for the purpose of ensure a safe environment for employees and students in their use of school facilities and transportation, and to comply with legal requirements (e.g., OSHA and Workers' Compensation).
    • Maintain appropriate levels of insurance to protect school district property and potential liabilities.
    • Oversee the school district's transportation programs, including bus routes, schedules and contracts to ensure that the school district has an adequate and cost-effective student transportation system.
    • Manage the food service operation and related operations.
    • Continues to acquire professional knowledge and learn of current developments in the educational field by attending seminars, workshops or professional meetings, or by conducting research.
    • Assist the Superintendent in making recommendations regarding salaries and benefits for all school district employees.
    • Oversee the administration of employee benefits and the payroll function.
    • Represent the school district as necessary in off-site meetings, associations, etc.

    Additional Duties
    Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.                
    The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

    Use standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copy and fax machines, and telephone.

    Travel Requirements
    Travels to school district buildings and professional meetings as required.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Knowledge of best practices in accounting and bookkeeping principles.
    • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and perform complex arithmetic operations.
    • Ability to understand, apply and use personal computers and software applications (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    • Ability to analyze situations to define and draw conclusions.
    • Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws regarding school district finance, transportation, safety and health, and other areas under responsibility.
    • Ability to develop and implement projects.
    • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
    • Ability to organize multiple tasks and conflicting time constraints.
    • Ability to engage in self-evaluation with regard to leadership, performance and professional growth.
    • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.

    Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards
    Work in standard office and school building environments.
                    Note:    Also see the Summary of Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position.


    Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution in Business Administration, Finance or Public Accounting preferred. Work experience may be considered in place of formal education.

    Successful Supervisory experience preferred.


Last Modified on August 12, 2021