• Extracurricular ...


    HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021

    • Special Olympics Coordinator $1,535
    • Drama Director $1,817
    • Drama Asst $1,564


    HIGH SCHOOL 2021-2022

    • Flag Team Advisor 
    • Asst Cross Country Coach
    • Asst Golf Coach
    • Asst Girls Basketball Coach (Freshman)
    • Asst Girls Basketball Coach (Varsity)


    MIDDLE SCHOOL 2020 - 2021

    • Asst Golf Coach


    MIDDLE SCHOOL 2021 - 2022

    • Asst Girls Basketball


    The ability to organize and supervise students through a successful season. Previous successful coaching experience is preferred. Must have substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and must continue to examine new theories and procedures pertinent to the game. Must possess outstanding verbal communication skills and have the ability to encourage and motivate student-athletes. Demonstrate experience in roles that require leadership and organization and execution of total program processes. The  coaches should have the ability to demonstrate exceptional work ethic, and willingness to build a collaborative relationship with the school, community, and booster organization.

    SALARY:  Per extra-curricular schedule

    APPLICATION: Complete On-Line application

     Call if you have questions: contact Personnel Office, 406-395-8550

Last Modified on March 30, 2021